Heat wave

It’s the last day of May and we already got
hit with a heatwave.
I’m not complaining I love the heat.
Also, I very much love seeing woman wearing less and showing off more skin.
Sleeveless shirts and short skirts are seeing everywhere in the streets when the weather is this hot.
Although, outside is a good place to find ladies in their revealing clothing.
I would never thought at home in my condo I could see much more.
Just right out of my window there is another condo next to mine.
I could see the inside of the resident room from the other condo just outside my window.
Today I just bought a binocular to use for camping that I was planning to go at the end of the month.
As soon as I arrived home I wanted to test it out.
I randomly choose a room on the other condo.
It happens to be Andrea. Her bedroom window was open. She was sitting down in front of her makeup table looking at the mirror.
She was wearing a white tank top with a flowy print flower skirt.
I can tell there is a fan nearby her because her skirt was waving up and down a bit.
However, the fan was not strong enough to blow her skirt all the way up to reveal her panties.
But, that quickly change.

I saw Andrea bend over and when she sit back right up.
The wind of the fan was a lot stronger than it was before.
She must have push a level-up button of the fan to blow stronger wind.
The stronger wind blew Andrea’s skirt right up revealing her flower print panties.
Andrea seemed to be not phased at all by the strong wind blowing up her skirt obviously revealing her panties.
Probably because no one was around and she was by herself in her own home.
No one will see her colorful flower print panties.
Which many guys would love to see.
Andrea will never do this anywhere else even at her place.
But, in this extreme heat, she is willing to make a exception.
Just for this one time.
Besides who will see her flower print panties in her own home.

Well unfortunately for her with the help of my binoculars I was able to see those colorful print flower panties of hers.
And she doesn’t even know it.
I use the highest zoom function of the binoculars to see every detail of her panties.
I spend about 20 minutes looking at her panties before she finally decided to close the curtains.
I guess it just occurred to her that someone could be looking in through her windows.
However, it’s was already too late.
20 minutes was more than enough time to enjoy her panties.
I wish that my binocular having the ability to take pictures.
This moment was a special time to capture.
Andrea has no idea those flower panties have been discovered and seen.
Just another reason why I love the warm weather.
And this is just the beginning of summer.
Can’t wait to see more soon!

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Weird dreams

I tend to have weird dreams during a heavy day of my period.
They’re really bizarre and usually deal with my maxi pad.
Not sure why I have these strange dreams.
Either way, my boyfriend convinced me to share them whenever I do. Last night I have one of my recurring dreams.

In my dream, there is this guy who has the ability to turn himself into a woman maxi pad.
Somehow he managed to get himself into my purse as a maxi pad.
He wait patiently for a whole day until I finally picked him up to wear.
I place him in my panties and pull my underwear up.
His face place in front of my pussy rubbing together.
He once again waits patiently however, this time he waits for my menstrual blood to come out of my vagina.
When it comes out he would drink all my menstrual blood.

Once it is time for me to change into another pad.
I was startled to see a face on my pad grinning back at me.
All of a sudden it started to talk to me.
“Your blood tastes so good. Let me have more of it. Please honey put me back in.”
It is at this moment I usually wake up.
Once my pad starts talking I will wake up.
Sometimes I’ll look in my underwear to make sure my pad doesn’t have a face.
Well, those are the kind of dreams I get during my period.
Maybe I should start sharing more of these when I get them.

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Attracted odor.

Ontario Canada has a lot of Provincial Park in the middle of nowhere.
Sometimes you just want to get out of a busy city like Toronto.
On this Friday morning, four of us decided to get away from the busy city for just a day.
It was me two other of my friend and one of their girlfriend. The girlfriend’s name was Andrea.
She was a very pretty and attracted Hispanic lady.
She needs a break from the busy city life.
My other friend was reluctant to bring her.
He was a big-time hunter type and think a woman should not be out with the guys hunting.
Which was one of the things we plan to do today.
I and my friend think he was being sexist and convince him to bring her along.

We all arrive at the park and for an hour we set everything up then we were off to hunt.
Andrea came along mainly close to her boyfriend.
All of a sudden my hunter friend standstill.
We’re being followed he said.
I asked by who? He answered by a bear.
He told everyone to get rid of any food we may have with us.
We got rid of anything that could resemble a
food odor. But surprisingly we were still being followed by the bear.
“What could be attracting the bear to us still?
“My hunter friend asks himself.
We started to head back to the camping ground where we started.
The bear was still following us.
Andrea was getting scared and hold her boyfriend tighter and tighter.
She was so scared she didn’t even realize the wind was getting stronger.
All of a sudden a huge gust of wind blew her skirt up and she screamed.
I and the boyfriend shush her.
My friend (her boyfriend) even cover her mouth to keep her quiet.

During those few seconds of seeing her skirt blow up, we all saw a glimpse up her skirt.
We all knew what we saw. But neither of us wanted to say anything about it.
Although, it was so arousing to see her thin panties with a maxi pad clearly visible through her underwear.
The odor of her menstrual blood absorb in her pad most likely is the reason why the bear is following us.
Bear is attracted to blood. Thinking it is a wounded animal to eat.
The best thing to do now is to stay close together and continue to head to our campground where is safe.

Andrea will use the restroom to change into a fresh pad once we are there. Andrea was wearing a thin red panty with a floral pattern print all over it. The pad was visible because her panties were sheer mesh fabric underwear that made her panty see-through.
Andrea loves wearing these types of panties when it’s extremely hot. It keeps her cool and breezy. Unfortunately, the downside of these panties is that because the fabric is very thin it doesn’t block much odor from her pad when it’s filled with blood.
Making it easier for animals (like bears) to smell the odor.
We finally made it to the campground and my friend asks Andrea if she likes to use the restroom. Andrea answer “I actually do need to use the restroom now you mention it.” We all saw her pick up her purse before she heads to the restroom that she left in the campground before we went hunting.

We were all relieved to see her do that. We assume that she had an unused pad in that purse. Her taking her purse into the restroom certainly means that she’s about to change into a different maxi pad.
The odor that attracts the bear will be gone, for now.
My friend suggested that he will keep her in the camping ground while we go hunting.
We both thought that was a great idea.
That evening we ate at the camping ground and went home.
That night I can’t stop thinking about Andreas’s panties and her maxi pad.
Sure it almost got us killed. But still, it was amazing to see her sheer mesh panties.
I can’t imagine how lucky my friend is to have her. Especially now on her period.

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A wet day.

Today I’m at my peak ovulating which also means I’d be discharging a lot today.
However, I forgot to wear a panty liner today. You see, I normally wear my liner at my peak ovulation.
If you look at my calendar on the left my peak ovulation is highlighted in the darker light blue.
The lighter blue is my regular ovulation days.
Those days I don’t need to wear liner because I don’t discharge a lot if at all.
Overall my ovulation lasts for 5 days.
Usually, my peak ovulation arrives in the middle of my ovulation days.
However, this month is different.
My peak ovulation had arrived one day early.

I’d spend most of the day sitting working at home at my desk.
With a purple top and a green short skirt.
Way too short for my own good.
Definitely not a skirt to be sitting in public.
But, I was at home so it didn’t matter.
No one was around to look up my skirt.
Later on, that day when I got up my panty felt damp. More than usual.
It felt that a lot of fluid had coming out of my vagina.
I quickly took a look at my menstrual calendar and realize today was my peak ovulation.
I’ll be discharging quite a lot of fluid today.

Unfortunately, my panties got wet because of my unexpected amount of discharge I have today.
Luckily I notice my panty becoming damp before it was getting even wetter.
Normally my panty liners will protect my panties from becoming wet and smelly.
Although my panties had got wet it isn’t so bad with a bit of a wash and scrubbing can fix it.
I have to change into a different panty with a liner.
I should pay more attention to my schedule.
A woman’s menstrual cycle is subject to change. Something I need to keep in mind, if I don’t want to get these cute panties of mine to get soaked and ruin.

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Deceiving plot to get pregnant by my boyfriend.

As a woman, I always wanted to bear a child with someone l care a lot.
Preferably my boyfriend.
However, my boyfriend still has a lot of things he wants to experience in his life.
He convinced me to enjoy life as much as l can.
Before settling down with children.
I have to admit he has a point.
However, my life will also be enjoyed with a child. Just in a different way.
Also, I’m getting older. Although, we can always adopt. I would love to have a child growing in my womb.
My boyfriend said if I’ll get pregnant by still having safe sex.
He will take that as a sign to have a child. But, until I’m 40 we will not try to concede a child. As much we have sex it seems the condom he uses is quite good for protection.
Maybe one day one of his sperm will find a way out of the condom and fertilize one of my eggs.
During my ovulation days especially on peak days.
My desire to bear children grow stronger.
Likely because my sex drives increases during this time.
My uterus craze male sperm to fertilize my eggs.
Which are released during this time.
Fortunately, having some safe sex is enough to get rid of those cravings.
Well, usually.

This morning I found myself in an unusual situation.
Last night I slept over at my boyfriend’s place.
In the morning my boyfriend decided to go to another round of safe sex.
Although, it’s definitely not a safe day to have a lot of sex. It’s hard to say no to his long morning wood.
We did it with him wearing a condom.
He had a big load today.
When we were done he was running late. He quickly got dressed. While he was getting dressed I pull the condom out of his penis right before he pulls up his underwear.
I tossed his T-shirt to him as he was rushing to get to work.

When he left I was left alone in his bedroom with his condom fill with his sperm in my hands.
That’s when I had a horrible idea.
With this condom fill with my boyfriend’s sperm fresh out of his balls.
I can easily squeeze his sperm out of the condom into my pussy.
Better chance for me to get pregnant.
With this big load of sperm and me in my peak ovulation, the chances increase tremendously.
My boyfriend will never know. As far he knows I got pregnant during the safe sex.
I know it’s deceiving but do I really want to wait till I’m 40 to get pregnant. Also, who knows if that’s even too late.
I took off my panties and insert the opening of the condom inside my vagina.

I lay down in my back on his bed. I lift up the tip of the condom so the cum in the condom could slide down out of the opening and into my vagina.
It’s felt cold and creamy.
I lift up my knee up while I still lay back on the bed making the cum slide further into my womb.
I hold this position until all the load was in me.
All of a sudden my cell phone ringed.
It was my boss. I have to answer it.
I was hoping to keep holding this position a bit longer. But, I couldn’t miss this call from my boss. So I have no choice but to stand up and answer it.
As I talk to my boss standing wearing nothing but a t-shirt. I felt all the cum I just put in spilling out of my pussy.
It felt weird talking to my boss while my boyfriend cum falling out of my vagina. When I was finally done talking to my boss.
My boyfriend’s floor was a mess with his own cum that came out of my pussy.
I have to clean it. Leaving it would be too suspicious.
After I was done I got dress and went home to work on my job that my boss just assigned to me.
I don’t think I got impregnate from that weird act I just did at my boyfriend’s place.
His cum felt cold and dry. I felt the semen died in the condom long before it was in my pussy.
Oh well, at least I tried. I can wait till I’m 40 to get pregnant with my boyfriend.
Also, who knows maybe before then.
I mean condoms aren’t a hundred percent effective. Right?

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