A lucky day

Today I had amazing luck. Seriously, I thought this only happen on a comedy show or movie.
However, today’s proof that sometimes the universe line up and give you a wonderful view.
I was at Andrea apartment in her room.
You see Andrea borrows a selfie stick from me. I was planning to go out camping this weekend and I needed my selfie stick.
So I went to Andrea’s place to receive it back from her.
Andrea was my friend’s girlfriend. A hot thick Hispanic woman. She is sweet and sexy especially when she wears a short skirt.
Which is almost regular. Especially during summer.
I admit I sometimes try to peek up her skirt to see her panties. Although, I have never been in the right angle to see her underwear underneath her skirt.
She always has her legs facing the opposite of me.
She must have caught me trying to look up her skirt multiple times in the past before.
She intentionally has her legs facing the opposite way to me when I’m around.
Unfortunately for her luck was not on her side today.
She was wearing a blue skirt today and a black tank top when I arrive to her apartment. I asked her for my selfie stick. However, she forgot where she had put it.
All she knows it was somewhere in her room. We both headed to her room. I set on a chair as she looks for it.

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There was a mirror on the night table, slightly facing down. She sat on a chair next to it and start looking in the night tables drawer. From where I was sitting it’s just so happened the mirror was placed on the right angle to reflect under Andrea’s skirt.
I could clearly see Andreas’s panties underneath her skirt. I couldn’t believe the luck I had. I finally get to see up Andrea’s skirt. She unintentionally shows off her underwear to me.
Although, she had her legs once again facing the opposite of me.
Preventing me from seeing her panties. Andrea didn’t put account the reflection of the mirror on her nightstand mirror.
The angle was too perfect. Those panties that she tried so hard to hide from me did reveal to me and only me. The irony.
Andrea continue to look for my selfie stick. She slightly moved away from the mirror. The view up her skirt vanishes in the mirror.
This is when I decided to help to find my selfie stick. I was on my knee on the ground looking for my selfie stick under the nightstand. Once again I was in the right angle to see up her skirt by the reflection of the mirror.

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I was able to see all the detail that was printed in her panties.
She was wearing white panties with a green stripe, also prints of pink flamingos.
It was an amazing view. Her choice of panties was wonderful.
I can’t believe that she was hiding those panties this whole time from me.
They’re too wonderful to be hidden from the world.
Finally, Andrea has found my selfie stick. I no longer have a reason to be on the ground anymore. Must end the peek show now before she becomes suspicious.
Everything lasted about 15 minutes. However, it would be the 15 minutes I will cherish for the longest time.
Andrea was oblivious the whole time.
She never knew that I have seen her panties on this day.
I was very lucky that day.

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