Pride weekend.

It’s June 18th. It’s pride weekend!
Andrea is excited to celebrate this celebration of being yourself.
She’s proud of being a woman and everything us lady goes through.
To celebrate pride Andrea decided to wear her rainbow color skirt.
For some who may not know.
Rainbow color is the iconic color for pride.
Andrea is happy to wear these colors to show her support to the 2SLGBTQ+.
Unfortunately, for her.
Her short pride skirt made her a prime pray for upskirt pervert lurking around the city street.
Andrea wanted to go to a bar to celebrate pride.
Although, the bar is pack and had a big lineup to get in. Andrea still wanted to celebrate.
Unfortunately, for her, there was a pervert in the lineup with her with a spy cam in his bag.
He managed to film up her skirt without her knowing.

The pervert was standing in front of her in line.
However, he places his bag near her thighs.
Filming right up her skirt.
Andrea has no idea there was a spy cam in his bag.
So she continued to be nonchalant while she’s standing there being filmed.
Andrea was wearing violet stripe panties.
A good choice to wear on this day.
As violent is one of the colors for pride.
Andrea must have known this and intentionally wear that panties to honor pride.
Also, there was something else visible under her skirt that day while she has been filmed by the pervert.
Andrea was having her period that day.
She was wearing a maxi pad underneath her panties.
The wings of her maxi pad were also visible that day when she was being filmed.
It was the icing of the cake seeing those wings wrap around her panties.
The pervert was satisfied to see those wings.
It is extremely rare for him to catch a woman wearing a maxi pad and seeing its wings when looking up their skirts.
You can imagine how splendid it was for him to go home and see this upskirt video of Andrea’s violet stripe panties and visible wings.
Andrea continue to celebrate pride day on that bar that day.
Ignorant of knowing that someone has seen her violet strip panties and maxi pad.
And she will probably never know.
Until today when she reads this post.

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  1. Fred says:

    Lucky guy.

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