Heavy Monday.

No one likes Monday. It’s the beginning of the work week and now everyone’s back to work. Even if you work from home Monday still isn’t the greatest day of the week.
Now add the day with cramp and fatigue it truly becomes a horrible day.
Unfortunately, my heaviest day of my period landed on a Monday. On one of my last day of my period days.
Most of the time my heavy flow comes at the beginning of my period.
However, this month is different.
Although, having the weekend without craps was enjoyable.
Having these menstrual symptoms on Monday prove to be the worst.
All through the night I had menstrual cramp on my lower abdomen.
I end up not having a lot of sleep the night before.
I spent most of Monday feeling tired all throughout the day.
Addition to that my lower abdomen cramps was still active.
I changed my pad about every 4 hour that day.
That’s how heavy my flow was.
I still have one more day of my period.
Hopefully tomorrow it won’t be as bad.

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