Weird dreams

I tend to have weird dreams during a heavy day of my period.
They’re really bizarre and usually deal with my maxi pad.
Not sure why I have these strange dreams.
Either way, my boyfriend convinced me to share them whenever I do. Last night I have one of my recurring dreams.

In my dream, there is this guy who has the ability to turn himself into a woman maxi pad.
Somehow he managed to get himself into my purse as a maxi pad.
He wait patiently for a whole day until I finally picked him up to wear.
I place him in my panties and pull my underwear up.
His face place in front of my pussy rubbing together.
He once again waits patiently however, this time he waits for my menstrual blood to come out of my vagina.
When it comes out he would drink all my menstrual blood.

Once it is time for me to change into another pad.
I was startled to see a face on my pad grinning back at me.
All of a sudden it started to talk to me.
“Your blood tastes so good. Let me have more of it. Please honey put me back in.”
It is at this moment I usually wake up.
Once my pad starts talking I will wake up.
Sometimes I’ll look in my underwear to make sure my pad doesn’t have a face.
Well, those are the kind of dreams I get during my period.
Maybe I should start sharing more of these when I get them.

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