Heat wave

It’s the last day of May and we already got
hit with a heatwave.
I’m not complaining I love the heat.
Also, I very much love seeing woman wearing less and showing off more skin.
Sleeveless shirts and short skirts are seeing everywhere in the streets when the weather is this hot.
Although, outside is a good place to find ladies in their revealing clothing.
I would never thought at home in my condo I could see much more.
Just right out of my window there is another condo next to mine.
I could see the inside of the resident room from the other condo just outside my window.
Today I just bought a binocular to use for camping that I was planning to go at the end of the month.
As soon as I arrived home I wanted to test it out.
I randomly choose a room on the other condo.
It happens to be Andrea. Her bedroom window was open. She was sitting down in front of her makeup table looking at the mirror.
She was wearing a white tank top with a flowy print flower skirt.
I can tell there is a fan nearby her because her skirt was waving up and down a bit.
However, the fan was not strong enough to blow her skirt all the way up to reveal her panties.
But, that quickly change.

I saw Andrea bend over and when she sit back right up.
The wind of the fan was a lot stronger than it was before.
She must have push a level-up button of the fan to blow stronger wind.
The stronger wind blew Andrea’s skirt right up revealing her flower print panties.
Andrea seemed to be not phased at all by the strong wind blowing up her skirt obviously revealing her panties.
Probably because no one was around and she was by herself in her own home.
No one will see her colorful flower print panties.
Which many guys would love to see.
Andrea will never do this anywhere else even at her place.
But, in this extreme heat, she is willing to make a exception.
Just for this one time.
Besides who will see her flower print panties in her own home.

Well unfortunately for her with the help of my binoculars I was able to see those colorful print flower panties of hers.
And she doesn’t even know it.
I use the highest zoom function of the binoculars to see every detail of her panties.
I spend about 20 minutes looking at her panties before she finally decided to close the curtains.
I guess it just occurred to her that someone could be looking in through her windows.
However, it’s was already too late.
20 minutes was more than enough time to enjoy her panties.
I wish that my binocular having the ability to take pictures.
This moment was a special time to capture.
Andrea has no idea those flower panties have been discovered and seen.
Just another reason why I love the warm weather.
And this is just the beginning of summer.
Can’t wait to see more soon!

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