Deceiving plot to get pregnant by my boyfriend.

As a woman, I always wanted to bear a child with someone l care a lot.
Preferably my boyfriend.
However, my boyfriend still has a lot of things he wants to experience in his life.
He convinced me to enjoy life as much as l can.
Before settling down with children.
I have to admit he has a point.
However, my life will also be enjoyed with a child. Just in a different way.
Also, I’m getting older. Although, we can always adopt. I would love to have a child growing in my womb.
My boyfriend said if I’ll get pregnant by still having safe sex.
He will take that as a sign to have a child. But, until I’m 40 we will not try to concede a child. As much we have sex it seems the condom he uses is quite good for protection.
Maybe one day one of his sperm will find a way out of the condom and fertilize one of my eggs.
During my ovulation days especially on peak days.
My desire to bear children grow stronger.
Likely because my sex drives increases during this time.
My uterus craze male sperm to fertilize my eggs.
Which are released during this time.
Fortunately, having some safe sex is enough to get rid of those cravings.
Well, usually.

This morning I found myself in an unusual situation.
Last night I slept over at my boyfriend’s place.
In the morning my boyfriend decided to go to another round of safe sex.
Although, it’s definitely not a safe day to have a lot of sex. It’s hard to say no to his long morning wood.
We did it with him wearing a condom.
He had a big load today.
When we were done he was running late. He quickly got dressed. While he was getting dressed I pull the condom out of his penis right before he pulls up his underwear.
I tossed his T-shirt to him as he was rushing to get to work.

When he left I was left alone in his bedroom with his condom fill with his sperm in my hands.
That’s when I had a horrible idea.
With this condom fill with my boyfriend’s sperm fresh out of his balls.
I can easily squeeze his sperm out of the condom into my pussy.
Better chance for me to get pregnant.
With this big load of sperm and me in my peak ovulation, the chances increase tremendously.
My boyfriend will never know. As far he knows I got pregnant during the safe sex.
I know it’s deceiving but do I really want to wait till I’m 40 to get pregnant. Also, who knows if that’s even too late.
I took off my panties and insert the opening of the condom inside my vagina.

I lay down in my back on his bed. I lift up the tip of the condom so the cum in the condom could slide down out of the opening and into my vagina.
It’s felt cold and creamy.
I lift up my knee up while I still lay back on the bed making the cum slide further into my womb.
I hold this position until all the load was in me.
All of a sudden my cell phone ringed.
It was my boss. I have to answer it.
I was hoping to keep holding this position a bit longer. But, I couldn’t miss this call from my boss. So I have no choice but to stand up and answer it.
As I talk to my boss standing wearing nothing but a t-shirt. I felt all the cum I just put in spilling out of my pussy.
It felt weird talking to my boss while my boyfriend cum falling out of my vagina. When I was finally done talking to my boss.
My boyfriend’s floor was a mess with his own cum that came out of my pussy.
I have to clean it. Leaving it would be too suspicious.
After I was done I got dress and went home to work on my job that my boss just assigned to me.
I don’t think I got impregnate from that weird act I just did at my boyfriend’s place.
His cum felt cold and dry. I felt the semen died in the condom long before it was in my pussy.
Oh well, at least I tried. I can wait till I’m 40 to get pregnant with my boyfriend.
Also, who knows maybe before then.
I mean condoms aren’t a hundred percent effective. Right?

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