Attracted odor.

Ontario Canada has a lot of Provincial Park in the middle of nowhere.
Sometimes you just want to get out of a busy city like Toronto.
On this Friday morning, four of us decided to get away from the busy city for just a day.
It was me two other of my friend and one of their girlfriend. The girlfriend’s name was Andrea.
She was a very pretty and attracted Hispanic lady.
She needs a break from the busy city life.
My other friend was reluctant to bring her.
He was a big-time hunter type and think a woman should not be out with the guys hunting.
Which was one of the things we plan to do today.
I and my friend think he was being sexist and convince him to bring her along.

We all arrive at the park and for an hour we set everything up then we were off to hunt.
Andrea came along mainly close to her boyfriend.
All of a sudden my hunter friend standstill.
We’re being followed he said.
I asked by who? He answered by a bear.
He told everyone to get rid of any food we may have with us.
We got rid of anything that could resemble a
food odor. But surprisingly we were still being followed by the bear.
“What could be attracting the bear to us still?
“My hunter friend asks himself.
We started to head back to the camping ground where we started.
The bear was still following us.
Andrea was getting scared and hold her boyfriend tighter and tighter.
She was so scared she didn’t even realize the wind was getting stronger.
All of a sudden a huge gust of wind blew her skirt up and she screamed.
I and the boyfriend shush her.
My friend (her boyfriend) even cover her mouth to keep her quiet.

During those few seconds of seeing her skirt blow up, we all saw a glimpse up her skirt.
We all knew what we saw. But neither of us wanted to say anything about it.
Although, it was so arousing to see her thin panties with a maxi pad clearly visible through her underwear.
The odor of her menstrual blood absorb in her pad most likely is the reason why the bear is following us.
Bear is attracted to blood. Thinking it is a wounded animal to eat.
The best thing to do now is to stay close together and continue to head to our campground where is safe.

Andrea will use the restroom to change into a fresh pad once we are there. Andrea was wearing a thin red panty with a floral pattern print all over it. The pad was visible because her panties were sheer mesh fabric underwear that made her panty see-through.
Andrea loves wearing these types of panties when it’s extremely hot. It keeps her cool and breezy. Unfortunately, the downside of these panties is that because the fabric is very thin it doesn’t block much odor from her pad when it’s filled with blood.
Making it easier for animals (like bears) to smell the odor.
We finally made it to the campground and my friend asks Andrea if she likes to use the restroom. Andrea answer “I actually do need to use the restroom now you mention it.” We all saw her pick up her purse before she heads to the restroom that she left in the campground before we went hunting.

We were all relieved to see her do that. We assume that she had an unused pad in that purse. Her taking her purse into the restroom certainly means that she’s about to change into a different maxi pad.
The odor that attracts the bear will be gone, for now.
My friend suggested that he will keep her in the camping ground while we go hunting.
We both thought that was a great idea.
That evening we ate at the camping ground and went home.
That night I can’t stop thinking about Andreas’s panties and her maxi pad.
Sure it almost got us killed. But still, it was amazing to see her sheer mesh panties.
I can’t imagine how lucky my friend is to have her. Especially now on her period.

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