Dog sitting

My friend’s girlfriend is very pretty and I’m very attracted to her. Always thought my friend was super lucky to have her.
I sometimes get jealous when I see them cuddling. When they make out my jealousy grows even more.
Andrea was her name. She’s your typical Hispanic lady. Very sexy with thick body parts where it matters.
Her sex appeal gross, even more, when she wears a short skirt.
Unfortunately, my friend is very protective of her.
Doesn’t want to share her in any way.
A peek up her skirt would be a big No-No. Many guys have try and honestly, sometimes I feel she doesn’t mind.
Although, I could be just wishful thinking.

On this day I betrayed my friend. Honestly don’t know what got into me. I was lonely and horny. This led me to a path to perverted desire.
It is rare for me to be alone with Andrea.
Normally it would be the three of us or more in a room. But, today was different.
First of all, a few days ago my friend asks me to do a favor for him. My friend and Andrea were going out of town for the weekend and he wondered if he can babysit Andrea’s dog while they’re gone.
I agree to do it.
Today Andrea came over to drop off the dog at my place.
She came alone. They were leaving tomorrow morning. I thought she was going to drop the dog and leave. But, that didn’t happen. She stayed at my place for a while. Mainly to set some ground rules about her dog and how to take care of her.

Andrea was wearing a black dress with a belt and a colorful purse.
This dress in fact was longer than she usually wears. Her skirts are usually shorter. However, I still want to see what’s underneath it.
That’s when I got the most perverted idea. Take a picture up her skirt with my mobile phone.
While Andrea continues to give me the ground rules of how to take care of her dog.
I kneel over to pet her dog was at the time was by her foot. Phone in hand and in silence I took the picture up her skirt.
She was unaware of my photograph I just took.
She spent 45 minutes more talking about her dog and how to take care of her before she finally leaves.
When she was gone out of my place I pull my phone out to see the photo I took of her up her skirt.

There it was. Andrea’s panties. Front and center clear as day.
Finally got to see her underwear. And what a secret Andrea has underneath her skirt today.
Her panties are filled with patterns that you can easily get lost in.
Andrea probably successfully kept these particular panties hidden from any eyes. I don’t even think my friend seen this today. I remember asking her if she was going to see him today.
She replies with a no. He will be at work today, however, she will probably give him a call later.
This got me even more aroused knowing that I may be the only one that has seen Andrea’s panties today.
These panties were exclusive for me to see. At least that’s how I like to see it. I pretend Andrea wears this panty just for me. just in case I tried to look up her skirt. A secret way for her to tell me I’m leaving my boyfriend to be with me.

Ok, I’m falling into my fantasy again.
Andrea will probably be upset if she found out about this picture I took of her in real life. My friend will probably would kill me if he ever found out.
Andrea had trusted me to take care of her dog. But, am I really that trustworthy? I just took a picture up my friend’s girlfriend’s skirt. What’s even worse I will do it again when another opportunity comes.
Is looking up Andrea’s skirt worth losing a friend to?
If I’m truly honest to myself right now, lonely and horny.
The answer is absolutely.

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    Wow that was strange. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just
    wanted to say superb blog!

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