At the library.

Andrea was at the library today. She was looking for something to read.
she was wearing a sleeveless black top with a black mini skirt.
However, choosing to wear a mini-skirt today may be a bad idea.
At that very same library, a pervert was lurking around looking for a hopeless woman to look up a skirt to.
At first, it seems very few ladies were wearing a short skirt in this library.
He was about to leave but at the far end at the library, he spotted a girl a in a black skirt. That girl happened to be Andrea.
The pervert found his target and was going to see up Andrea’s skirt.
The pervert stalked her around the library until he found the perfect opportunity to take a picture up her skirt with his mobile phone. For Andrea it was an ordinary day.
She was just going to the library to take out a book and come back home to relax to her favorite story.
It was simple, nothing out of the ordinary .
Andrea never thought what’s hidden under her skirt would be in jeopardy of being seen in the library.
I mean people go to the library to read, not to do a perverted act to vulnerable girls who are there to read or study.
Unfortunately, Andrea had her guard down which ends up being her big mistake.
The pervert pretended to look for an interesting book to read as he made his way to the same book aisle where Andrea was.
Andrea was reading a synopsis of a book she may be Interest in.
It was at this moment the pervert took a picture up her skirt without her knowing. Then the pervert quickly returns to pretend to look for a book at the same aisle and fade away to existent.
Andrea did not even notice him during the whole time he was there.
She stays at the library for 20 minutes more after the pervert took a picture up her skirt. By then the pervert was long gone.
Andrea was a victim of a upskirting and she doesn’t even know it.

The pervert was successful in invading Andrea’s privacy. Especially what was hidden under her skirt today.
Andrea was wearing a cute pink panty with Hello Kitty print all over them. In addition to that the wings of her maxi pad were also visible.
Obviously, she was on her period today. Always a great thing to find out when looking up a woman’s skirt.
In fact, because it is rare it’s even more special to spot those wings wrap-around a woman’s panties when looking up their skirt.
Because Andrea was wearing all black the pervert didn’t expect to see such a colorful panty underneath her skirt.
He expected to see at least a solid color panty.
However, what he saw was more satisfying than he expected.
The pervert was so thankful that Andrea decided to go to the library with a short skirt on today and even more during her period.
Andrea’s panties really made his day. In fact, from all the skirts he looks up that day nothing top up what he saw up hers.

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