Andrea loves wearing a short skirt. 
The shorter the better. It makes her feel feminine and sexy. She loves showing her legs as often as possible.
Shorts are good but there’s something more feminine when wearing a skirt or dress.
Andrea loves feeling girlish and her bubble personality complements her overall ladylike attitude.
Unfortunately, Andrea has way too much faith in guys in general. She doesn’t think any guys will dare look up her skirt.
Andrea thinks her panties are safely hidden under her skirt. No matter how short they are.
Sadly for her, this site reveals her secret hidden underneath her skirt.

Discovering her flow.

In addition to that, Andrea menstrual cycle is also reveal.
Posts of her extremely private thoughts during this time.
Heavy, medium and light flow, even her ovulation days are share.
All of her menstrual cycle experience will be reveal.
See her maxi pad and panties.
Find out more about her by reading the blogs post here.
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This site is all hypothetically and not in any way real. The site is for sexual humor and fun. All photographs are taking with the person’s consent. Some photograph has been altered for the protection of the individual. We do not encourage this behavior in any way.