Following her cycle.

Subconsciously Andrea wear short skirts during her menstrual days.
Andrea’s menstrual cycle include period and ovulation. On these day she almost alway wear short skirts. Possibly because she is most horny on these days. Unfortunately for her, Andrea is oblivious to notice all the perverts that were able to see up her skirt and see her panties during her menstrual cycle.
They were able to keep a journal/diary of these moments.
Read all these moments here.
Follow her menstrual cycle as these are the days Andrea will likely wear a short skirt and the perverts would likely post a journal / diary on these days when they successfully peek up Andrea skirt and see her panties. All posts will include un upskirt picture of Andrea.
All perverts are anonymous except for Andrea’s boyfriend and herself.
Please feel free to comment in these posts.

Below you could see Andrea menstrual cycle schedule.
Blue is when her ovulate and the darker blue is at her peak ovulation.
Red are her lighter period days and the darker red are heavy flow during her period.

This site is all fictional.
All posts are imaginary by the author.
No technique here is useful in reality.
All photos are taken with the model’s consent.
Photos are edited to protect individual locations